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If you’re in court without a lawyer, you’ll need all the help you can get. Take it from Brian Vukadinovich — author of Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case — who won a 5-day jury trial against an employer who’d wrongly terminated him:

Brian Vukadinovich
Brian Vukadinovich
I have represented myself in various state and federal courts for years and have experienced firsthand just how unfair our system of justice can be against a person who decides to represent himself. The reality is that the system doesn’t like it and will go out of its way to make it very difficult for a pro se to succeed. This is unfair, but sadly, it’s true.
Not long ago a federal judge looked me in the eye and told me just before the trial that I wouldn’t win. The judge did a lot of things during the trial to make it unfair for me, but I did win. The jury sided with me, but the judge went out of his way to make it harder for me simply because I chose to represent myself. A pro se winning a court case is the exception and not the rule, as the system will have a lot of built-in roadblocks against a pro se litigant.
Courtroom5 offers a magnificent service that can be very helpful to pro se litigants. I would highly recommend to any pro se who is in need of some help in prosecuting his/her case to turn to Courtroom5.

Your case deserves the best advocate you can find, and right now that’s you! If you’re serious about representing yourself — and if the outcome of your case matters — you want to do the best job you can.

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